Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Amazing, simply amazing

I hope you all watched the democratic debate tonight. Obama is amazing. I mean really.

He knows all the issues inside and out. He is passionate. He is pragmatic and he has plans. Good plans.

Really good plans.

I don't care if anyone is impressed. I don't care if you vote. There are enough people who will vote for him to ensure his Presdiency.

Okay, I probably got a little excited last night when I posted this. I do care if you vote. I hope you vote for Obama, and I am not taking his potential to win or lose for granted. I will be out knocking on doors and making phone calls, here in Arizona and possibly other states.

I only want to be excited, really excited, about the person who I think can be the best President. I think it is cool I am excited about it. And, I think it is very, very important.

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