Sunday, February 24, 2008


drbism #1: You can have whatever experience you want.

drbism #2: I am a deep romantic boy, powerful and positive, an intelligent and peaceful king, who is freely saving the world.

Strong and beautiful, I look into your deep raw eyes and I see, the pure possibility, of a whole heart, longing to be free, strong and beautiful.

I smile, faithful to my childlike abundance, passionate and free, I am a deep romantic boy.

drbism #6: Dreams are good, especially when they come true. I dream of yearly trips with me and my brothers. Some day, it will happen.

drbism #8: It's a super Prius. Not a lot of people know that.

drbism #10: In as many ways possible, have fun. Laugh, smile and play.

drbism #17: Everything has a system. Mow the lawn before you clean the house, because you know you are going to track in grass. Trim the edges before you mow so the mower picks up the grass. Clean the pool last because it's going to get crap in it while you mow anyway.

drbism #19: Doctors recommend more music than television in a given week. The only requirement is it connects with your soul. Maybe, it makes you want to dance. For deep house, body shaking, life affirming music, drb recommends soul heaven.

drbism #25: "I don't have a philosophy of life, I have a life of philosophy," Dr. Roger Hughes, 2007

There are no answers, only more questions. Ask yourself, “What can I uncover today? And how does that connect with what I uncover tomorrow?"

Then, ask yourself, "What is the story this new learning is telling?"

drbism #34: Healthy individuals = happy families = welcoming neighborhoods = vibrant communities = functiounig societies = cooperating countries = a wonderful world! Each one influences every other and you can make a difference!

drbism #51: The more conformable I am being by myself, the more comfortable I am with other people. The more I appreciate myself, the more I appreciate others. The same goes for love. So much of life begins within.

drbism #72: One of the best things about Phoenix is the road system. All the roads are wide, quiet and smooth.
drbism #105:Everyone should appreciate their home - whether it's a house, an apartment, a flat or a mud-hut; whatever you call home. It puts a roof over your head and shelters you from the wind, sun, rain and snow.Your home is your haven and respite from the rest of the world. Make it what you want, take care of it, and keep it clean. Because, the more you love your home, the more it loves you back.

drbism #112: All life deserves our respect. We know enough about how the world works to understand our important role in maintaining a healthy echo system.

drbism #150: "Of course, this could all be bullshit."
- The Theologian's Disclaimer, Dale Dobias

drbism #201: Sometimes life is tragic and sad. I think we all wish it didn't have to be that way. But, it is.

While we try to find meaning in tragedy, it is completely acceptable to just say tragedy sucks.

drbism #327:Everything is a choice. Everything you do, you choose to do. Don't buy into believing anyone or anything has control over you but you.

People control themselves, and make their own decisions. You cannot control what other people choose. Nor, would you want to. You need only to make sure you are doing your best and having the best experience you want.

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