Thursday, February 21, 2008

Found this interesting...

Many of you know I am quite obsessed with using the Enneagram Tool for personal development, in understanding others and in strengthening relationships. For those who know that, you also know I am a Type 4 on the Enneagram Personality Type indicator. is a great Enneagram resource. I was looking for some information for a friend to help her decipher her type and I found the lists below. The first part of the list are attitudes a Four should/can/might want to release in order to grow. Following the "release statements" are a list of affirmations. They are both dead on to how I view myself and the world. The website has a list like this for each of the nine types.

I have found the Enneagram extremely helpful in my personal growth, as have many others. If you want to take the indicator and chat about your type, let me know. The indicator can sometimes be off, especially the short one online, and it is most helpful to discuss your possible options with someone who is well versed (ahem) or read through all the types to determine which one best matches your personality and style.

Until then, here's a little about me =)

Personality Type Four: The Artist
The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type

I now release...
...turning my anger and aggressions against myself.
...all self-hatred and self-contempt.
...all feelings of hopelessness and despair.
...all self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.
...feeling that I am inadequate and defective.
...the fear that I am unimportant and undesirable.
...feeling shameful and misunderstood by others.
...being distraught, fatigued, and inhibited.
...feeling that people always let me down.
...all unrealistic expectations of myself and others.
...all claims of needing to be treated differently.
...all self-indulgence in my emotions and behavior.
...all self-doubt and emotional vulnerability.
...wanting to protect myself by withdrawing from others.
...all wasteful fantasies and romantic longings.
...dwelling on the past to prolong my feelings.

I now affirm...
...that I am not defined by my feelings.
...that only the feelings I act on express who I am.
...that I open myself up to people and the world.
...that I use all of my experiences to grow.
...the goodness of my life, my friends, and myself.
...that I love myself and treat myself gently.
...that I am free of the damage of my past.
...that I am transforming my life into something higher.
...that I am bringing something good and beautiful into the world.

Don Richard Riso
Enneagram Transformations Release and Affirmations for Healing Your Personality Types Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993, 129 pages

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