Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Come, join in the fun!

I have a sitemeter which tracks visits to my blogs on a daily basis. I had a sitemeter all the time on deep romantic boy. I enjoy seeing how many people visit each day.

The meter tracks visits and provides a real-time report on the location of each visitor. The report doesn't tell me names, only the web provider and the city. Based on the city listed I make guesses about who is coming by to look.

I know for sure Greg, my friend who lives in Pennsylvania, Dale, my friend in St. Paul, Lisa in Tempe, Kara, now of North Carolina, and Christy of Chandler are regular readers.

I think in recent weeks, Tom, a classmate of mine in the nonprofit masters program, has begun to visit as well.

Remember these are just theoritcal guesses, I don't know for sure who is visiting. I just see the tracked city and build a case in my head for who I think reads my blog. I would love to know who actually comes by.

Recently, I linked my blog to my facebook profile and received several hits from Tempe and Arizona State University; most of my facebook friends are ASU grad students. So it's probably not a stretch to guess my facebook friends accounted for an increase. I am guessing Amber, Caitlin and Christina, classmates of mine and the YNPN founders, were among my visitors, along with Genevieve, who is also in my grad school program and with whom I have recently been facebook messaging.

And another person I think visits on a periodic basis, speaking of facebook messages, is Janis, who is the wife of my friend Greg, living in Pennsylvania. Then there is this coworker of mine who I have been talking with more in the last couple of months. I forwarded her the address of my blog, and never received a response. I would like to think she is reading it.

Oh, and I think my mom is a regular reader! And my brother Ryan too!

I have attempted to promote my new blog to friends and am thankful for my readership. It is fun knowing that people know about what I am thinking.

I would love to know what you all are thinking. Be it responses to my posts, or any other conversations about life, I would love to hear from you.

I, as you may know, am a big fan of conversation.

So please, comment, email me, let me know how you are doing.

Lots of love!

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