Friday, March 7, 2008

How I got my Prius

Two friends of mine are traveling for spring break this week. Cori is heading to Ecuador on a volunteer/relaxation trip. Whereas, Genevieve is heading to Costa Rica for an all relaxation trip!, actually Genevieve will be reading to Costa Rican orphans while she is there too. Or something servicy like that. And then, a lot of relaxation.

I am looking forward to their returns, knowing they will have great stories to share. In fact, if internet is available, Cori will be blogging her trip.

So, my mind is on travel anyway, and out of nowhere, I get an email from the woman, Shantalah, who sold me the Prius. I don't know if I told you, but she sold the Prius in preparation for her and her husband's year long trip around the world. They were divesting their unneeded interests, and a car, even as cool as a hybrid is, doesn't do you much good while your exploring the globe.

So, I got a Prius, her and her husband got a trip around the world. Her email reads, in part, "Basically, we've spent 4 months in Africa between Kenya and South Africa and over 3 months in India. We've also seen areas of the middle east and eastern Europe. There's an easy map on the site that tracks our trip."

Ha! Eight months traveling the globe and four more to go. Now, tell me that is not fantastic!

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  1. Hell-o, my name is Norman and I am the father of DRB. Sometimes I am totally amazed with my son and other times I am just incredilbly proud of him. He's not aware of this, but whenever I want to remember my youth and the joy and wonder that I experienced, waaaaaay back then, I give my son a call and engage him in, what normally turns out to be a delightful conversation. Other times I exchange email with him and find myself becoming quite infuritated with his liberal views. I really don't know, sometimes, if I'm infuriated with him for his ideas or at myself for not holding thoses ideas, any longer, myself. You see I too was once a DRB. Now, however, I guess I am more a RDRM (Realistic Deep Romantic Man).
    Anyway, keep up the learning process Son. I'm very, very proud of you.