Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monday's "DRB wants to know" - continued 3/10/08

All this talk of travel (see previous post) leaves me curious. If you could travel anywhere, assuming money, time and childcare were not an issue, where would you go? By the way, childcare not being an issue could mean you take the kids with you!

Here are the places that come first to my mind:

  • After seeing Shantalah's photos (previous post), I have to say India would be high on my list. I know of another friend who is traveling to the more mountainous and less modern areas of southern India and it looks beautiful.
  • Beth wants to take an African safari coupled with volunteer work. I could be down for that.
  • I am still jonesing to go back to Europe, perhaps the French Riviera, to drink great wine and soak in the sun!

So, what about you? If you could go anywhere, where would you go on your next vacation? Tell us in the comments section below.

If you have been to one of the places I have listed, tell us what you liked and didn't like.

Or, just share your travel stories and dreams.

Yours truly,


Post continued, 3/10/08, Late Night here at drbcontinued (click). "...I am taking a break for a few days to get done some of my homework. While I am gone...I want YOU to be part of the conversation. That's right, you..."

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  1. Key West was grand! The homeless fellow on the street one night when we were there summed it up well. I had just said I was sorry that I had no spare change and he said: "Don't be sorry, you're in Key West."

    India would be great ... especially considering the bright clothing the guys get to wear! For some reason I've always thought that Nepal would be fascinating, but it might just be that I like the name of the main city: Kathmandu.

    Easter Island. Let's go hang out with the two ton heads. Very cool.

  2. Don't get me started on travel... I am ready! Two weeks from tomorrow we will know if travel centers around family or if travel encompasses two adults selecting a new geographic location to explore... I really hope its the former.

    In the spirit of family, I would design a 2-3 week trip for the three of us. It would include 10 days on our own, bonding as a family, playing and exploring together. An experience to make memories... then we would make the pilgrammage back to Michigan to meet all the loving friends and family waiting to love up Omar and welcome him into their lives...

    Grandparents will meet their first grandchild, friends toddlers will meet their newest friend, we will connect with all those who love us and extend their warmest welcome to the newest member of our family....

    To be continued!

  3. Do you want to travel to Michigan right when we get him? I could be down for that!

  4. Not immediately... but maybe as soon as summer!