Saturday, March 15, 2008

on the fly

It is another beautiful day in phoenix. There seems to be moisture in the air and a cool breeze.

Things haven't warmed up around here as quickly as I expect. We had a wet winter, lots of rain in the valley and plenty of snow in the high country; I have heard people say its as wet as they have seen it in Arizona in years.

Since the rain ended mostly in mid February, it has slowly, but progressively warmed. While there have been fluctuations, the temperatures seem to hover in a 10 degree range for three to four weeks.

Case in point, the past few weeks the temps have hovered in the upper 60's to low 70's, not warmer. And, that is as warm as its been this year.

One of the best things about this weather is the cool mornings. We have been sleeping with all our windows open and when the cool morning air rolls in the blankets seem even more soft and snuggly. It makes it near impossible to get out of bed and we have been sleeping in later than we normally do.

I do keep waiting for the warm weather to really pop, and I am little surprised it has taken this long. Already the surrounding mountains are as green as I have ever seen them. When temperatures move into the high 70's and low 80's the desert wildflowers, along with all the city shrubs, trees and flowers, will begin exploding - it is going to be beautiful!

And, if the current pattern holds, the temperatures should stay in the 70's - 80's for at least a month, and then the 80's - 90's the month after. It could mean a long, warm, but not hot, spring. Not only will it be perfect, perfect weather, but it could also mean a later, maybe more mild summer!

I am spending time outside to do the lawn before we have people over for drinks on the patio. tomorrow, I am going riding with Greg before I buckle down for grad school reading in the afternoon.

of course, I will read outside!


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