Thursday, March 6, 2008

Three things to make you smile


It's a valentine from Omar. He made one for Beth too. He gave them to us when we arrived.

We had so much fun with him. He is so happy, and fun, and chatty. A great guy! I know Marie and her family will miss Omar dearly. We will help make sure they keep in touch.

I happened to talk with Marie Tuesday night. After we chatted, I asked to speak to Omar.

Of course, she said.

I heard her call out, "Omar you have a phone call."

"Who is it?" I heard him say.

"Who do you think it is?" she responded sweetly.

"Is it Beth?" I heard him ask, not surprisingly.

"Noooo,"Marie responded sing song,"who comes with Beth?"

After a moment, I heard his voice, "Is it Max?"

Hee hee, is it Max? Hee hee, he knows who Max is and he thinks Max is calling for him on the phone. Hee hee. So sweet...hee hee.

Thankfully, after Marie and I shared a laugh, I did end up in the top three.

"No," she said again, "who else comes with Beth? Who else did you see Friday?"


Hee hee.


Want to read two, and find out who gave me this lovely card, and see three, pictures from our visit with Omar in Colorado (including the wiener mobile!), go to drbcontinued...

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