Monday, March 3, 2008

Too bad its not some giant robot causing all this destruction - UPDATED 3/4/08

My brother Ryan recently posted a new painting, below, which depicts a giant robot destroying an urban area (or his he defending the metropolis, I don't know). I like it, even though I am not really sure what it's supposed to mean.

Heck, maybe it doesn't mean anything. But what struck me, as I was perusing the news today, was the similarity between Ryan's painting and the image, below Ryan's, of the devastation caused in Palestine by the recent Israeli incursion.

In both we see demolition, destruction and potential death. Yet, they both seem so far removed from the reality of what most Americans live every day. From comic books, to movies and TV, we see incredible amounts of violence every day, most of it unreal.

But, unlike Ryan's painting, or our childhood fantasies, there is no giant robot unleashed by a mad scientist or a lizard risen from the netherworld to blame for the death and destruction we humans cause one another. These are real homes being demolished and real people being killed. Death and destruction caused by other real people.

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