Monday, March 24, 2008

Trial update

Hey all, I just sent out an update on the trial via email. I probably won't be posting it to my blog because of the somewhat confidential nature of the proceedings.

(That said, my email doesn't discuss case details, it is more an overview on the nature of the court proceedings)

Anyway, if you didn't get the email, and you want an update, send me a message at If I missed you, sorry, nothing personal, I just have a lot going on!

What I will say is the case will still go on for two more days, it is stressful watching the proceedings, I don't have a sense yet of what the final determination will be, and it is probably more stressful for Beth who is at home alone.

It is going to be a wild few days! Keep sending those positive thoughts. We appreciate everyone's love and support. We hope whatever happens is in Omar's best interest.

Love you all!

PS - My blog received over 30 hits today alone and more than 100 in the last three days - new records! It is obviously because of Omar, but it is nice to know people are checking the blog - thanks! I will make sure to post a LOT about Omar if we adopt him because he is a big draw =)

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