Friday, March 21, 2008

YNPN Phoenix Bowling Night

See the post I wrote at the YNPN website about Thursday night's bowling event. It was a great time!

I was impressed that 30 people, who mostly didn't know each other, would show up for bowling with a bunch of strangers on a Thursday night. What is even more impressive is they are all great people, who are passionate community advocates for the organizations and programs for which they work.

I had many interesting conversations, and like all the other YNPN meetings, I met a lot of new people and learned things I didn't know before. For example, I learned all about Arizona Humanities Council from their Development Director and The Lodestar Foundation from their Vice President, Programs.

By the way, The Lodestar Foundation's "slogan" is "Seeking happiness through philanthropy!" I love it!

I also had a very nice conversation with the program director at Make a Wish. He and I were discussing how we want to make a difference in our community and in our organizations, how we want to lead.

We agreed that the great thing about YNPN Phoenix is it is bringing together the future nonprofit leaders of Phoenix. Someday - soon for some and later for others - these are the people who will be taking the place of today's nonprofit leaders.

Sure, we have to pay our dues, we have to work hard, but we will have a chance to make change from a leadership position - that is pretty exciting!

If all us future leaders keep connected through YNPN Phoenix, we will have created a fantastic network; imagine the possibilities for collaboration and growth! It is why I am so passionate about this organization. It is why I am so thankful Amber, Christina and Caitlin started the group and invited me to serve on the advisory board.

I had a great time tonight! It feels good to be excited about making our community a better place. That comes through in everyone I meet in YNPN, they want to make a difference, they want to give back, they want to serve.

There was so much conversation and laughing the whole night - all these people who didn't know each other before came to the event last night and were making great connections! That's leadership: showing up, having fun, and putting yourself out there to meet new people!

Quite a few people stayed for the two hour duration and kept chatting away - that shows me they enjoyed the evening, that they had fun. People like to have fun and hopefully it means they come back next month.

Caitlin, a YNPN Phoenix founder and advisory board member, said she thought it was cool that one month we can be seriously learning in our professional development meeting and the next month be cutting up and having fun - I think that duality is something today's young professionals embody. They want to work hard and play hard.

I hope we can continue to have great turnouts like we did tonight and deliver on our mission of cultivating a collaborative nonprofit sector and contributing to the professional development of young nonprofit professionals in the Phoenix area.

There seems to be a thirst in the community for this kind of organization. It still amazes me that three grad school students, who all have full time jobs, would take the time and energy to get this rolling. Chances are very good that this organization will have a big impact in Phoenix!



    Sounds like a fun evening!

  2. I love your slogan! We had a great time - can you tell I am passionate about YNPN! LOL!