Monday, April 14, 2008

I thought tonight

I thought tonight I would tell you how much I enjoy yoga. I have been going two to three times a week for the last couple of months to Inner Vision Yoga Studio in Chandler, just a 1/2 mile from our house. The workouts are intense, especially heated yoga, there is always a mind/body connection, and the instructors are fantastic!

The classes are like an hour and twenty minutes of meditation for me. When I felt today like I needed a little bit of clearing, a little bit of healing, and a lot of calorie burning, I knew heated yoga would be the perfect antidote...I was right, it was.

I thought tonight
I would share with you how, this weekend, we had a big breakthrough in Max's recovery from his spinal cord stroke. While Max has been swimming for some time, he has been reluctant to dive off the side of the pool, one of his FAVORITE things to do before he had the stroke.

Well, as you can see from the picture slide show, he is back in business. For about an hour on Sunday, Max was full throttle, diving in for balls, swimming back to the steps, and running back around to the edge of the pool, awaiting the next toss. Some of his jumps weren't best in form, but, the good news is, with all this training, he will be much improved for Omar's arrival! Plus, all the jumping and swimming has added a lot of strength back to his leg.

I thought tonight I would encourage you to check out Lisa's most recent post on her Musings blog (she's the one in the red dress under my friends list). Its quite a beautiful post, talking about dance.

Lisa, and her partner Greg, have been inviting us to shows at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts (SCA) for a couple of years. We love the performances, in fact, I wrote about one of my personal favorites, the Hubbard Street Dance Company, in my post, "Life as Dance".

In her post today, Lisa writes about a show her and Greg saw recently, Parsons Dance Company, and even posts videos of some of the performance sets. I would recommend watching the third video she posted, "In the End: dancers in jeans! and T-shirts dancing to a medley of Dave Matthews Band music." It's about nine minutes, but if you go to the 3:30 minute mark, you will see some really cool dancing! It's worth the click.

Lisa is so excited about having seen this show. She writes about the dancers having fun and being playful, with big smiles on their faces. I love her closing lines, "Oftentimes you want to get up and dance in your spot when you see a show at SCA, but this time, I wanted to get up and run on stage to be with these people in this piece! I wanted to quit my job and start training all day so that I could be part of the Parsons Dance Company..." Thanks Lisa, for the smile =)

I thought tonight I would post this picture I pulled from

I thought tonight I would say I love you...
So I smile and love and forgive
and care little for what beliefs
are held by others

I want to love
and be loved

I have enough love
for anyone who wants it
If you want to play that game
your are welcome to join

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