Tuesday, April 1, 2008

last night's dream

I was playing soccer, in a wide field
with a group of kids
of course, Omar was there

We finished playing, it was time to go
I showered and toweled off

And like the other men
gathered my belongings in a pack
thrown over my back

I began to make my way
up an urban hill
paved, with benches, trees
and grassy knolls
a big round hill, undulating
between steep and flat

Climbing, I made my way, up the hill
I was passed and I passed
I chit chatted, along the way
Alone at times
Or in groups, of various sizes

There were many others
some were stopped, resting on benches
and others hurried, heads down intent

Towards the top
A resting place, fire pits, tents
the smell of food
Somehow I knew, I could get pizza

An old man, wandered up
set down his pack, with a sigh
crippled, hurting he seemed tired

"I'm going back," he muttered
"There are others, who's packs are heavy
who's backs ache, who can't make it
on their own"

"But I want my pizza," I protested
even though I could see the tired ones
in my mind,
"Can't I eat first? Then I'll help"

He turned, no judgment
headed down the hill

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