Saturday, April 19, 2008

Still waiting...

In case any one is wondering, there has yet to be a decision on Omar's placement. It sounds like, from our conversations with the caseworkers, that the caseworkers and attorneys will be meeting this coming week to discuss their recommendations to the judge. It also sounds like they will be recommending Omar be placed with us! Yippee! =)

So, they will file a motion to the judge saying they think Omar should come live with us. They have interviewed Omar's relatives, and from what the caseworkers say, they don't think the relatives would be the best placement for Omar, which leaves US as the best placement!

The results of the interview with the relatives, along with our cultural integration plan, will be part of the supporting evidence they use in making the motion to the judge that Omar be placed with us.

It sounds like they want to file the motion the week of April 28. The judge can either sign the motion, case closed, or he can request a hearing on the motion. We have NO idea if the judge will call a hearing or not and we don't know how long he will take to decide.

Things look really good right now, and I say that knocking on wood with crossed fingers! It seems, without jinxing us, like it's only a matter of time. We are very, very hopeful.

We have talked several times with our little O-boy, as my cousin-in-law Liz calls him, and he is just as ready as we are. All the uncertainty, combined with a parental goodbye visit, has been tough on Omar. Marie and Dave, the foster parents, continue to take such good care of Omar as they nurture him through these tough times.

So, we continue to wait. We are sooo ready! Nothing else seems as important, nothing else seems like it will give us the same sense of purpose and excitement that bringing Omar into our lives will provide. We are ready to be parents, ready to focus our energy and attention on helping Omar, and any other future kiddos, live full, and hopefully, happy lives.

I think both Beth and I are in a little depression, a flat spot, as we await the decision. We could volunteer, or go on vacation, or go out partying, but those things all seem like band-aids, and it's not worth the time and energy to patch on a band-aid when we know what will really cure our ills.

So, we will keep waiting. And you all keep sending your positive energy, thoughts and prayers!


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