Thursday, April 17, 2008

Three political articles to think about

1. The first comes from The author discusses how McCain can be polling even with the Democratic candidates and whether that will persist into the general election.

The author seems to come down to the conclusion, albeit he is unsure, that McCain's real perspectives on issues facing our country aren't yet known by the general public because the Democrats are too busy fighting each other. The author hopes(?) that when there is a single Democratic nominee they can bring to light many of the ill-conceived McCain policies, along with the many contradictions of this supposed "straight-talker".

I don't think there is anything the Democratic candidates would rather do right now then focus their energies on talking about their differences with McCain on foreign policy, the economy and health care. I don't see McCain winning any of those debates with a majority of American voters. We just have to end this damn primary already!

2. Speaking of McCain, the second article discusses the 1/3 of Democratic voters who are so upset by the rival candidate - the candidate they don't support - that they will consider not voting or voting for McCain if their candidate doesn't win.

First off, really? A Democrat voting for McCain? The guy who doesn't have an economic policy. The guy who continues to support the war in Iraq that is bankrupting our country and decimating our military. The guy who has no real exit strategy for Iraq, who is a hawk's hawk and wants to escalate the war to include Iran. The guy who is opposing an expansion of the GI bill because he is worried people will leave the military and, god forbid, go to school! A Democrat is going to vote for this guy? I mean, seriously?

Okay anyway, my second point about this second article is: if you really are thinking about voting for this guy, or you are adamantly opposed to the "other" Democratic candidate - you know, the one you aren't supporting - I want you to read article #2 and really do some self examination. Are you so adamantly opposed to the "other" candidate because of his or her views, and because you really think he or she can't be a good President. Or would you support McCain just because you are reinforcing your own sense of self and this is a way of crying over your spilled milk?

Think about it, really think about it. Do you want four more years of failed conservative policy? Or, do you want a progressive, forward thinking candidate. I, for one, have said repeatedly I will support whoever is the Democratic nominee for President. For sure, without a doubt, either Hillary or Barack are better than McCain!

3. Alright, on to our third article, about last night's Democratic debate. The article is one of many in which the debate is being pretty universally panned for focusing waaaaaay too much on political gaffes and misstatements than on real issues.

We hear all the time that people are disinterested in politics because the real issues are never discussed. Last night's debate is like a self-fulfilling prophecy for those complaints. Sure they covered the war and a little bit on the economy, but most of the debate was spent on gotcha issues that have little effect on Americans lives.

They could have talked about rising fuel costs, the rising price of world food supplies because of biofuels demand, alternative energy policies, the dropping value of the dollar, the looming retirement of baby-boomers, how technology is changing the world or how state and local governments are struggling with record budget deficits, etc, etc, etc. Our country is in crappy shape, thanks to George Bush, but did they discuss what really matters?


See, talking about issues doesn't make for good TV entertainment - and that is all that mattered to Charlie and George. The saddest part is, it was the most watched debate of the primaries. Sigh...self fulfilling prophecy indeed!

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