Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life can be a pain in the ass

In no particular order...

...we still have no news on Omar.

...our front lawn has died because our sprinkler system is busted and I couldn't fix it after a month of trying.

...I am carrying about 7 - 10 extra pounds mostly, it seems, in my belly.

...I snapped at Beth for no reason, after she had just agreed to teach my spin class Thursday morning so I could go to a nonprofit conference.

...our cat, Sunkist, keeps peeing on random things, which means we have to keep washing things - ugh (at least we know what she pees on and can wash it, I have heard of cats peeing in random corners and destroying carpets - but still!). credit card number got lifted and charged $500 from PayPal (which, they have resolved, thankfully - but still!).

...I can't seem to fall asleep, although once I do, I stay asleep. The problem is I spend two hours laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, then I am tired when I wake up. Sigh...

...the world and our country, it appears, are facing multiple crises and US leadership seems incapable or unwilling to do much about it (this is a little more circle of concern than circle of influence, I know - but still!).

Anyway, all that said, life is mostly good and I know my complaints are pretty minor in comparison to what many are facing in life. The biggest pain in the ass is not knowing about Omar. It really is kind of a constant gnawing, nagging feeling that we should have him, but for some reason which we know not nor can explain, we don't.

On a more positive note, Beth's mom is coming into town for a week and we have several fun activities planned. So, things, like I said, are mostly fine, and Beth and I are mostly in a good place mentally, physically and emotionally.

But sometimes, its nice to commiserate about the sucky things.

However, even though we all will wake up tomorrow and have to deal with those sucky things, I am wishing you a great day, in which the good outweighs the bad and you remember: there is always a reason to smile!


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  1. you can get this stuff called "feliway" that is supposed to help with peeing kitties.