Sunday, June 8, 2008

Greg and I decided

My friend Greg and I drove to Flagstaff yesterday to go mountain biking. We hit some primo trails and had a great lunch and a beer before coming back to the valley.

On the drive to and from Flagstaff, as is our norm, we discussed a host of topics, from coal exploration in Wyoming to Buddhist philosophy to presidential politics.

Like many American pols we spent a chunk of time talking about the Obama veepstakes. I know many of you turn to "Stiner and Brown" for our astute political observation, along with our good looks and cutting wit, so I thought I would share with you our pick for Obama's vice president.

We decided, drum roll please, that the best VP choice Obama could make would be Arizona's own Governor Janet Napolitano.

Our reasons:

  • Napolitano is a two term Democratic governor from a traditionally Republican state. She has demonstrated cross over appeal to independents and more moderate Republicans. As a second term governor she has extensive leadership and executive experience.
  • She is highly respected in the southwestern states Obama wants to put into play - New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. Plus, she would make McCain have to defend his own state of Arizona - wouldn't that be great!
  • Janet is pragmatic, intelligent, affable, personable, well spoken and a motivator. She has a deep command of the issues and would be great on the stump and in debates.
  • Before she was governor, Napolitano was Arizona's attorney general. She has solid law enforcement experience and is respected by the law enforcement community. Further, immigration is a hot topic and she has approached the issue very pragmatically in Arizona, supporting increased border enforcement along with continually holding the Federal government accountable for their continued lack of comprehensive immigration reform. She has done all this while emphasizing human rights and maintaining strong support among the Hispanic constituents Obama needs to win over this fall.
  • She is a "She" and would help solidify Obama's support among disaffected female Hillary supporters.
  • She was an early and ardent supporter of Obama's.
  • As Governor, Napolitano has continually focused on improving Arizona's early childhood education system.
The only possible weakness we see in Governor Napolitano is that she doesn't bring foreign policy experience to the ticket. However, Greg and I agree this election will be more about shoring up domestic policies than it will be about international or national security issues (barring a manufactured terrorist attack by the Bush administration - oops, did I say that!).

At this point you are probably overcome with our solid logic and reasoning and believe, like we do, that Napolitano is the best, perhaps the only, choice for Barack Obama's running mate.

Don't be sad. It's okay if you are overcome by our intellect. It happens a lot.

Obama & Napolitano 2008!

Now we just have to convince Barack...

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