Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Me!

According to my brother Ryan, he wants to use the people he cares about as inspiration for his Zingerman's marketing artwork.

After recently browsing my blog, Ryan was inspired to create these very cool images of your's truly, bbq-style!

Thanks Ryan!


  1. We thought of you today when we were at the Obama rally in Minneapolis!!! Wow, was it inspiring. It was great to see how kind and caring people were to those around them. Truly, people waited patiently in a line one MILE long! Wow!!!! I felt a little badly that I had ideal seats in the 5th row next to the VIP seats and I had access to the floor, but there were people that wouldn't be allowed in because it was full (but we arrived 6 hours early to stand/sit in line and not everyone did...) But we sent you a photo, and we thought of you, and we are so glad we are joining together to bring change to America. YEAH!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca, that is fantastic! I am so happy you got to see the speech - how historic, how magnificent! What a "change" moment!

    I didn't get the photo you sent, I did get the one from Tim and Rachel though. Where did you send the photo?

    Go Obama - go America - woo hoo!