Sunday, June 29, 2008

My last Friday night as One Half DINK

Greg and I went biking on Friday night. It was a beautiful, perfect night. As I drove towards his house I saw the smoke from the west valley brush fire off in the distance, hovering over south mountain, where we would soon be riding.

We hit the trails and headed towards the "picnic benches", a flat spot on top of a rise about five miles into the trail, so named because of the rock benches arranged at the perimeter of a large open space.

It's a popular place to stop, catch your breath and enjoy the view. Looking to the south, over a saddle, we got a little bit different view of the fire.

As dusk settled in, we got ready to head back towards the trailhead, catching one last beautiful view of the fading day.

Greg and I put on a hard, fast pace heading back towards the trail head. I led, then he led, and he pushed it hard, making me work for every pedal stroke, working my ass off just to stay on his wheel. The night was perfect, beautiful and still. The desert felt so alive in the settling night with the saguaros standing out tall in the fading light. We grabbed a drink and switched on our lights for the final miles.

(That's me below, a self portrait with my light on my helmet, if you can't tell)

When we returned to the parking lot we noticed the ash falling like snow, charred remains of desert plants 50 miles away spreading a thin layer across the Super Prius.

We finished the evening, my last Friday night as one half a DINK, like any good ride should be finished - Four Peaks Brewery, IPA, Southwest Burger with side Caesar salad, extra anchovies. Ahh, life is good. Fantastic experiences, great friends, good food, good beer, all while knowing Omar is on his way. I look forward to many nights with friends, many more great experiences and many more rides followed by a Four Peaks brew! Life, my friends, has been good to me so far.

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