Friday, June 27, 2008

Omar Stiner

Can you believe it? I mean, can you really believe it?

I mean, wow! Wow, wow, wow! We are getting Omar! Hurray, Hurray, Hurray! We are getting Omar! Ha ha! Wow...we are getting Omar!

We are going to be a family, it's really happening! Ha! We are going to be a family! Yeeeha!

We heard the news at 8:30 this morning (Friday). Beth, who is in San Fran with her mom, got the call from the social worker, Geraldine. Geraldine started out by saying, "I have some good news for you!"

Beth, a little taken aback by the call excitedly asked, "What?!"

"You guys are getting Omar!"

What? Did you just say we are getting Omar? "Yes, you are getting Omar!" We are getting Omar, we are getting Omar! Woo hoo!

Beth was blown away! As many of you know, Omar's placement hearing wasn't supposed to happen until next Wednesday. We weren't expecting to hear anything until after the hearing - to get this call and this news was totally, totally out of the blue!

Apparently, the judge called a hearing with the caseworker and the attorneys, but, according to Geraldine, no one knew exactly why they were there The judge told them they were there to decide on Omar. When they told him, "Well, that hearing is actually scheduled for next Wednesday", he conceded the point but said, "Well, we are all here now, so let's decide!" The foster mom, who goes to all the hearings didn't even know the hearing had been scheduled and wasn't even there!

They ruled out Omar's relatives as a placement and the judge said he didn't see a reason they should search for another non-relative placement. He said we were a "perfectly acceptable" placement for Omar and the state could move forward immediately on placing him with us! After the hearing Beth was the first person Geraldine called!

As soon as Beth got the news she called me - I was floored! Not only is it the most wonderful news, it also came as such an unexpected surprise! I never, ever would have guessed this would have happened! What a blessing!

There are still some i's to be crossed and some court papers to be filed and signed, but he is pretty much ours! We will still have to apply for official permanent adoption, but that will come. Getting him here is the first big step.

With me on the line Beth "three-way" called Marie, the foster mom, to give her the news. She happened to have Omar, and four other kids, with her in the car. Marie was blown away and so excited for us. After she got over her initial shock she put us on the phone with Omar so we could give him the good news. We asked him if he wanted to come live with us and in his squeaky little four-year-old phone voice he shyly replied, "Yes"

Yes, yes, yes! Ha ha!

We chatted with Omar for a few minutes talking about this exciting turn of events. He of course wanted things to move quickly and asked if we would come get him today. And, he asked us, "You are going to be my new mommy and daddy?" Oh my god Omar, Yes, Yes, Yes! And then he asked, "So my last name will be Stiner?" Love him! So cute, love him!

We will be driving to Colorado to get him, leaving early Thursday morning, probably around 4AM , and will try to make the whole drive that day. Driving makes it easier to bring back his clothes and toys, and his bike, among other things. Plus, with the Super-Prius, it's a lot cheaper than flying!

We plan on staying with the foster family through Sunday, then beginning the drive back. We hope to be back sometime Monday, welcoming Omar into his new home!

I still can't believe it...

Phew, so much to do! Beth is in San Fran until Sunday night. When she gets home we will go into super planning mode. We will spend our free time getting his room ready and preparing for our absences from work.

As for his room, we have his bed on hold at a furniture store, we just have to give them the green light and they will get it ordered, delivered and assembled. We also have curtains and decorations, which I may get up this weekend. We want to have some of the room ready to go but also want to leave plenty of decorating decisions up to Omar. Ha! We are going to have Omar living with us in like a week, so wild!

In the immediate future, Beth and I will each be taking significant time off to integrate Omar into our lives. There is so much fun we have planned. So many places we will take him. So many people to see - all of you, our friends, our community - I cannot wait for him to meet all of you!

I can't wait to give him a tour of his new home and show him his new bedroom. I can't wait until the first night we tuck him into bed, all snuggly, the three of us, just loving each other, so thankful we have been given this opportunity. I can't wait until our first swim in the pool, our first dog walk, our first bathtime and our first dinner together as a family!

And then, I can't wait for that first morning. When we wake up and know our little boy is sleeping soundly, safe and loved in our home. I can hardly wait for that...

I look forward to getting to know Omar, his likes, his dislikes, you know, who he IS. I look forward to learning how we can best support and nurture him. I look forward to doing our best to give him the love he needs to become his best self and live a happy, healthy and productive life. I look forward to loving him!

Sigh...still can't believe it...

I was thinking it would be fun if anyone who wanted to could stop by and give us our "bon voyage" Tuesday evening. Come wish us well, maybe bring a couple of beers or a bottle of champagne. It will be our last night to party as DINKS and it would be a lot of fun to have our community stop by.

Call, email or comment if you want to stop by and I will give you directions.

Oh yeah, thanks to all of you who will be helping take care of Max, Mokie and the cats while we are gone; even if you don't yet know you will be doing it! If you will be helping and haven't yet met Max and Mokie, Tuesday evening is a good night to stop by!

Alright everyone, soon off I go to bed! Thanks for all your love, well wishes and friendship through this whole process. We appreciate each one of you, who you are and what you bring to our lives. We look forward to each of you bringing your unique beautiful selves into Omar's life. He will blessed to know each of you, as are Beth and I. What a wonderful community, thank you so much!


Aaron Stiner, DRB

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