Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three poems...

...from my deepromanticboy.blogspot days

What made me Google
“How to write Poetry”?
A fear perhaps,
That mine isn’t good enough
Or poetic enough
That it doesn’t meet
Some standard
Of meter and rhyme

And so I ask myself
Does it really matter?
A creation of art,
That is what I am looking for
Or an expression of self
That represents me
My soul and heart
At a moment in time

I wonder
If the reason
God became man
And called himself Jesus
Was less for us
And more for him
To better understand
How his big plan was going


Becoming; always
Nothing else. Soft, loud; all ways
I am becoming

Music, light, color
Story, song, dance: creation
And life becoming

Doubt, pain, hurt and tears
the experience of life
Is still becoming

With you, all of you
All of us, all together
The grand becoming

Each moment, each day
We move forward, unaware
Of our becoming

Earnestly I pray
Rain or shine for one more day
Of my becoming

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