Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some of Omar's favorite things (so far)

  • Scampering across the floor on all fours like a gorilla or bear or tiger - the animal changes depending on what mood he's in.
  • Speaking of animals, he loves to growl and roar!
  • He really likes egg sandwiches, ketchup on pretzels and chocolate milk. Not necessarily all together, but I am sure that has happened!
  • Swimming, swimming and more swimming. When we are swimming, Beth or I will ask him to try something new, like swim from the steps out to us in the middle of the pool. He usually says, "No, it's scary!" and then jumps in and does it without another word!
  • He really likes to be read to. He has even memorized a couple of his favorites, "Alligator Boy" and "Gallop" and will "read" them to Beth and I.
  • Meeting new people - kids or adults. He is very gregarious, although he can be a bit shy at first. After a few minutes he will carry on a conversation with just about anyone.
  • The kid can wink like it's nobody's business!
  • The computer - when can we get him his first laptop? While he likes internet games, he just enjoys sitting alone with a word document typing out an intelligible mishmash of letters and numbers.
  • His dog Max =)
  • Getting tickled and laughing! He is a happy, happy kid.
  • Oh yeah, I can't forget DANCING! We have already had many a family dance in the livingroom, either to children's music or Groove Salad (somafm.com) or our music collection.
  • One last thing - he loves the Cocka Doodle Doo song.


  1. I have to say that the Cock-a-doodle-doo song is a bit repetitive for my taste, but then, I'm not 4.5 years old; however, I blindly and firmly support anything that helps instill an apprieciation -- nay, even LOVE -- of the accordion in the hearts and minds of today's youth! With any luck at all, Omar will be the next Lawrence Welk! Better get that boy some polka pants!!

  2. http://laptop.org/
    try these. for a fee you get one and a kid in a developing nation gets one ...
    apparently the new version (olpc x2):

  3. just wait until you hear cock-a-doodle-doo 10 times in a row! According to Itunes it is now our #1 played song at 62 plays...oh, wait, here goes 63!