Sunday, July 6, 2008

what a wonderful day!

We are at our hotel in Santa Fe, half way home. We, as in our family! Our first day as a family on our own and it has been fantastic! Since I am posting from my blackberry I may not be as verbose as normal, but some of you might like that! Ha!

Let's see, highlights...Omar calling us mom and dad and telling us how much he loves us! Having so many fun conversations and laughing out loud with Omar. Learning who he is and what he is all about, well as "all" as you can learn in one day!

Omar has been great on our car trip, polite, patient, happy, fun, etc. He and Beth sat together in the back seay, reading books and watching movies. On a whim, we stopped at a rodeo we saw from the highway and watched the cowboys rope calves. Omar loved it, but was bummed he couldn't ride the black horse he was convinced was neighing to him!

When we got to Santa Fe we went swimming, the to dinner. Omar was a little hesitant to come in the pool at first but was swimming in the deep end back and forth between Beth and me, having a blast! He kept saying, "I did it, I did it!". He was so proud of himself! After, we went to dinner at the Cowgirl Cafe, which had a patio eating area complete with playground. Perfect! On our way out we danced our first dance as a family to a couple of tunes from the one man band playing the bar. Omar loved it and was singing the tune back to the car. is good with our Omar Stiner.

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  1. I trust there will be photos of the Stiner Family's first road trip?