Friday, August 8, 2008

From a political blog I read

Ben Smith talks strategy with the Schumer:

One of the Democratic Party's leading electoral street fighters, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, said that Barack Obama should respond to John McCain's personal attacks with an equally personal slap.

"I would not be afraid to attack back," said Schumer, who chairs the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, in an interview with Politico.

"I thought the Britney Spears commercial was powerful," Schumer said, referring to McCain's television ad casting Obama as a vapid "celebrity."

"They're trying to say, 'He's not one of us,'" Schumer said.

"I would answer back hard. What do you mean he's not one of us? It's John McCain who wears $500 shoes, has six houses, and comes from one of the richest families in his state," Schumer said. "It's Barack Obama who climbed up the hard way, and that's why he wants middle-class tax cuts and better schools for our kids."

Obama's campaign responded to McCain's barrage by accusing him in television ads and press releases of taking the "low road," while casting Obama as above such attacks on his opponent's character.

The strategy has produced some questions in Democratic circles as to whether Obama shouldn't be hitting back more personally - but Obama's aides argue that the perception that McCain is running a traditional, negative campaign is damaging McCain's reputation for high-minded independence.

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  1. I like what I see here. I noticed you are a Ben Folds fan. Me too. I just wrote a piece about Ben Folds and the Australian bogans. I've got some live video footage I'm pretty sure you will dig.