Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I get more feedback and conversation from Facebook.

I don't have the time or inclination right now to write anymore than a pithy post on the ol' DRB.

I sit and I think and I even start a new post here and there. But they don't seem current enough. And there isn't any one thing I want to write about. But I don't have the energy to write anything complex.

I think of writing about Omar, but my life as a parent, right now, is too, too much to capture into words. Anything I write just seems so inadequate. How do you put the life of a boy into words?

Omar is doing very well, thank you very much. Happy and chatty. Lots of energy, lots of fun. Eager to learn. Mostly eager to please. Tonight he tried our patience more than I can remember. Pushin' the buttons!

But overall good. Tonight we taught him the word "extrovert" because he is the epitome.

The transition to school is going fine. Some crying, some clinginess, but nothing out of the ordinary. He likes school and likes his teachers.

We are spending a lot of time with friends. Our local community seems to have tightened in some ways. We see more of our local friends and Omar knows them pretty well. He gets along with everyone!

I am probably more isolated now on long distance communication and much more in touch on local communication than I have been in my life before. The locals and the long-distance initiators - those who call me or email me - get the most up to date on the Oboy.

Sorry if this isn't meeting anyone's needs. I am beginning to wonder if it is meeting mine - the blogging, not the frequency of communication. That is fine.

I am also beginning to wonder if this (being a parent) is a bigger transition then I may be admitting to myself.

And, this week starts my last semester of grad school.

I had a sad little bump last week, a dip into the swamp of my "fourness" (Enneagram, look it up). I am now beyond that bump and my outlook is good.

Settling is my mantra. A negative connotation for some. Right now, the universe tells me to give it a try.

I will settle for this post, as inadequate and opaque as it may be.

Good night.

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