Saturday, August 9, 2008

I have been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to think of how I want to describe the past week - my first week being a parent and full-time worker - and I can't quite get it out.

So, I am going to try and boil it down to five quick blurbs:

  1. Omar seems to be adapting well to school (pre-K). He doesn't like to be dropped off, but goes without too much struggle. His teachers report that he opens up more every day and seems to be engaged in the activities throughout the day.
  2. We love Omar. He makes us laugh all the time. He is a huge extrovert and has lots of energy, which we love.
  3. Beth and I have been clashing more than is normal for us. We are both learning about how to be parents and sometimes, like in anything, we come at parenting from very different angles. We both want to be good parents and we are realizing how much energy it takes.
  4. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. I want to be a perfect dad, a perfect employee, have a clean house, a perfect yard, healthy plants, a trim physique, in consistent contact with all my friends, update my blog and Omar's blog, make cool videos for his blog and be a dedicated YNPN board member. And, oh yeah, my final two Master's classes start at the end of August - gotta get A's!
  5. Parenting takes a lot of energy and I, right now, I am tired.

Good night.

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