Saturday, September 20, 2008

The BEST quote of the election

Biden warns Obama: Don't take my gun

“I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said angrily. “They’re going to start peddling that to you.

“I got two, if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”

This is the BEST comment of the entire election! It makes Biden look serious, yet folksy and strong. It tells the world he isn't there to be Obama's best friend - he is there to represent the country and his country includes gun owners.

And he's saying he is going to have a voice at the table. He is going to be a strong adviser - he isn't going to take any ****.

It also makes Obama not look like a raging liberal. I mean come on. Do you really think Obama would try and take people's guns away? And do think he really could if he tried? Come on.

Biden is making his appeal, and therefore his ticket's appeal, to gun owners. He's saying to gun owners he will represent gun owners in the WH. And that this WH, Obama's WH, is not going to be trying to control guns.

And I think he wouldn't say this about Obama unless he respected Obama. And he wouldn't say it if he didn't think Obama respected him.

People have been saying this is a gaffe. I explain below why I don't think it's a gaffe. But, even if it is, can we talk about gaffes for just one moment?

I mean, we keep saying we don't want our President's to be perfect. And yet, 24 hours a day we nail every one of them for every little thing they say. Like any of us is perfect all the time. And which one of us hasn't uttered an inartful word, or said something stupid. Probably on a weekly basis.

Can you imagine being followed by bloggers, YouTubers and the mass media all the time. Almost every minute of the day? And then you are expected to have say everything right and remember every little detail? Yeah right. Good luck with that.

I mean we are talking about a HUGE economic crisis and wars in two countries! You get that right ALL THE TIME.

(Honestly, sometimes I wonder if McCain wants you to think he and Sarah are perfect. But that's for another day).

Obama and Biden have much bigger things to worry about then inartful turns of phrase. Unless they are McCain's of course - then the Dems splatter them everywhere! But that is too, for another day. Back to the subject at hand.

Man, first off, if I were President, I would want a well armed populace right now - who knows what crazy country might decide to kick us while we are down (okay, channeled Norm there for a second). But even if we don't need to defend the motherland, I don't think the plan is to take people's guns away - I mean seriously, would you want to try that?

Therefore, I would get really, really popular, and have all those gun owning, middle class patriots behind me all the way! Get popular with salt of the earth people. Get popular with Wal Mart Moms and firefighter dads. Heck, while you are at it, get popular with young green urbanites.

Get popular with teachers, police and fire, community organizers, churches, nonprofit and businesses. Get popular with as many different kinds of people as you can. And, get popular with them for the right reason - because you are on their side. The next President needs to do the right thing with the average American Joe and Jen, Bob and Barbara, Sam and Sam.

If I were Obama and Biden, I would only be worried about telling the American people they are going to do good by them. The American people don't care about gaffes, they care about not having to worry about the world crashing on their heads. If I were Obama and Biden I would only be thinking about how I was going to connect with the American people.

That's who keep our country strong. American people. American workers - the priest, the small business owner, the nonprofit ED, volunteer, parents, military personel and their families, the baby boomers, the old people and and all those young kids too! That's who make America go round.

Get friends with all of them!

They keep our country strong. Get on their side!

I am not sure who's side our administration has been on the last four years, but it's not been mine. If you think about polls, it's only about 30% of Americans who think Bush is on our side.

If I were a Presidential candidate, I would say, "Let's get on the side of Americans Again! Come on!"

So now, when you go vote, ask yourself, who's on the side of Americans? On the vast majority of American's - it's a democracy after all. Majority rules, minority rights. Let's make the minority as small as we can.

In everything - salaries, healthcare, discrimination, job burnout - we should have as few as possible in the minority, especially if they are getting screwed! We should make sure the minory of American's getting paid the least, paying the most for healthcare, working their butts off, not-getting-anywhere kinds of people are a very small minority!

I think Obama and Biden are more on my side and more on the side of more Americans then are McCain and Palin. That's why I am voting for Obama.

No offense against them. I am sure they are good people. McCain and Palin. I just don't know if they know enough about the rest of Americans, outside of where they are from. And I don't think they know America has changed.

John McCain doesn't use a computer - who doesn't use a computer - and Palin is from a big state, way far away, with its own set of important issues that seem, sometimes, not very related to what is going on down here. They just aren't in touch with most Americans. How could they be?

I think Obama and Biden know what's going on in America. Obama is from a state not very close to the other 49, but he grew up his adult life working the streets, then the government of a big important city in a very rural, very large, very important state.

He knows what it's like to struggle and he knows people who have struggled. From his time as a community organizer working with churches on Chicago's south side helping laid-off steel workers, he learned how hard you have to work to make it in this country.

But he didn't pity anyone. And he didn't offer handourts. He helped find them jobs and get to work. Finding the job was the hard part, because another American industry had left thousands with no one on their side, no money in their pockets and no where to go, they were left stuck by an industry they gave their backs and bodies to.

Finding the job was tough. Getting them to work was easy.

Obama respects working Americans and how they help our country. He is on their side.

And after he went on to help the city of Chicago, he helped the state by serving in their State House. And now he is serving the country as a United States Senator. No short feet for anyone, much less someone in his 40's.

But that's what America has always been about. Working hard, serving, making a difference and just waiting for your lucky break. In any job. Working for the government, or for business, or in the nonprofit sector, they are working hard. Those are the people I want on my side.

That's why I want Obama to President. That is why I ask you to vote for Obama. He is on our side.

If you vote for McCain/Palin or Green or Barr or anyone else, good for you. Thanks for voting. And if your guy or gal doesn't win, sorry. And if they do, well good luck to us all, right. Either way, let's all be nice about it. I think it will be easier that way.

So maybe it was no gaffe. Maybe that's what Biden was saying.

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