Friday, October 10, 2008

An open letter to Obama supporters

I wrote this as a comment in response to other commenters responding to a post by's Jonathan Martin

First off, can everyone RELAX?

We are going through major crises in our country and across the globe and we are arguing about PETTY things.

Obama supporters - your guy is winning and you know Ayers isn't going to bring him down. So why are you being so whiny and defensive.

Obama isn't being whiny and defensive. He is showing confidence in the election and in the American people.

Lets have that same confidence in ourselves and focus on the positive solutions to get us out of this mess.

Let's start talking about Obama's plans for America. I can tell you they are much more exciting and positive then anything Bush has been doing the last eight years. And we should be looking forward to Obama's administration and his plans for moving our country forward.

For example, in Obama's acceptance speech he outlined his goal of ending our dependence on foreign oil in 10 years. That is a huge goal! It sounds almost impossible. But it's not impossible. It is very possible. That is what makes it such a good goal.

We can do it. I am confident Americans have the knowledge, skills and creativity to innovate our way out of using foreign sources of oil. But you know what, it will take an enormous investment from government to businesses and from businesses themselves.

It will be money well spent. If we make ourselves the global leader in renewable energy we can innovate our way out of this mess. Lots of people will make a lot of money developing and BUILDING green energy. And the building part is very important.

Imagine massive investments in new, high tech infrastructure throughout our country designed, maybe manufactured and definitely built in the US by the US. You want to revive the blue collar middle class? Invest in a massive green energy INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT project paid for by government and private sector partnerships.

Solar, wind and biofuel will be the main drivers and we can build all of them around the country. When we become experts we can begin building it around the world. We will invest in new auto jobs building green cars and create a new class of green US jobs, like installing electric delivery units at gas stations or manufacturing solar panels.

It's the same with what we did with the internet - much of which was funded through government investments and private/public partnerships. Despite the bubble, a lot of people made a lot of money in technology.

Plus, think of how much money we lose to unstable and unfriendly regimes in the Middle East each year. We cannot afford to give away all that money for something we can easily take care of ourselves.

We are going to need a massive infusion of jobs and innovation and investments in capital in the US to dig ourselves out of this hole. An energy independence initiative would provide that. It is an investment in our country which will pay massive financial, environmental and even social dividends.

We need to begin talking about what an Obama administration would do for America to dig us out of this crisis. He can't do it until he is President, but what happens then?

Obama should announce his plan for energy independence as his primary year one goal in office. And he should begin sending that message now.

Inauguration day, he will reaffirm our country's support to that mission and lay out in detail how the project will benefit every American. He will spell out how doing this will lead to more jobs, more money focused on rebuilding America, more money in America and better opportunities for all. He will ask us all to be involved and we can all play a part.

That is something I can get behind and something I can be excited about right now. Instead of focusing on the economy and the crazy machinations of John and Sara, let's begin dreaming for January and hoping for better to come.

So, quit worrying about what McCain is saying. He is now irrelevant.

Let's focus on how America will again thrive under an Obama administration.

Be positive. Work hard. Focus on results. Obama as President. Citizens united.


Aaron Stiner

PS I am sure people will ask how we will pay for it and I don't know how exactly. We will figure it out. But the downside of not doing it makes the inevitable payoff even more appealing.

PS2 It will be interesting to see what role venture capitalism and social entrepeneurship play in this green expansion - there are a lot of wealthy philanthropists who care about the environment.

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