Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is why I like Facebook

It is a great way to communicate. I have been wall posting all night.

The message is to the seven friends and family who are my friends on facebook who came to Omar's party today and who we saw over the weekend for Ryan's wedding.

Facebook really facilitates keeping in touch with people in a variety of networks. I think it has helped me become better networked to friends and family. It is great to see everyone and pass notes along that can easily be picked up. People can be on different schedules and still keep in touch. At whatever level they like. Sounds like good for family making to me!

Beth is on Facebook. And my mom and brother's and one sister in law and my cousin and my aunt and all of my closest friends. I want to get Omar on. Ooh. Could they make a kid's facebook? It would have to have huge protections. Hmmm.

We aren't always in contact on Facebook, but it seems like we are in more contact then we were before facebook. We shall have to see how that bear's out in the long run. And if anyone comes along and does it better (imagine facebook with video portaits of you on your webcam - from your car even). But, for now it is good.

From a professional perspective, Facebook allows social networking to happen efficiently and personally. It has tremendous potential to begin social movements and lead social change based on what the group decides.

It would be interesting to study a movement for social change springing up online. To study it's characters, leaders, how they come together and what about a particular cause would get them to create a whole citizen change movement.

Maybe I could think of one to lead? Hmmm....interesting.

Well, until then, I have a lot of homework to get done. I will see you tomorrow. Maybe on Facebook?

It is very easy. My Mom does it!

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